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2015 – What a Year it Was

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For the past couple years I've gotten really into creating these recap videos at the end of each year that kind of give a glimpse into what we did for that year. In the past it's been a lot about where we've traveled and what we've done when going out with friends, but this year ...

Good, but Not Great

My whole life I have been able to pick up various skills with general ease. Everything from sports to school came extremely easy to me, for the most part. But throughout the years I've come to realize that while I can easily pick up and learn new skills, I don't feel that I'm truly great ...

Corporate vs. Start-Up – My Experience

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When I was 17 years old I started a part-time job as an "intern" at a semi-large company (600+ employees at the time I believe). I worked in the advertising department helping out with everything from computer inventory for the advertising network administrator to pre-press work, before the world of digital pre-press. That meant that I ...

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